Ika Tech Makine Mühendislik

Sektörde uzun yıllar hizmet vermiş olan iki makine mühendisinin işbirliğinden oluşan güçlü temel ve İhtiyaca uygun mühendislik hizmeti Ika Tech Makine Mühendislik..

Who are we?
Tailor-made engineering service constitute the essence of the corporate culture of Ika Tech Makine Mühendislik. Our power transmission adventure, which started decades ago with offering solutions in product groups such as Gearbox, Motor, Coupling, Rotary Table Bearing, has gained an industrial and global character with the establishment of Ika Tech Makine Mühendislik.
In addition to offering quality and trust-based products, the engineering service to be provided to make the right product selection, the stock opportunity to supply the product faster, and the wide communication network that they can establish with our solution partners all over the world are now an option that our customers can reach whenever they want. Rather than keeping up with technology in the developing age, our main goal is to contribute to the next era by developing technology with our business partners.
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